Welly Welly Well...

. . .at long last your patience shall pay off. Excuse the lack of info for sooo long. We, the various members of TONGUE, the collective, have been busy. I don't know what you've heard, but none of us are dead; . . .yet.
Here's the lo-down:

The righteous and powerful Kevin spent the better part of Oct. and Nov. touring the United States w/ Gitane Demone-former keyboardist and singer in Christian Death- and the Rose Pricks-her back up band; playing drums. He saw 28 states and got stranded in New Orleans, La. for two weeks at the end. Car trouble oh yea. I can think of worse places to be stuck for that amount of time.

Rick the bold spent most of those same months on tour w/ Caustic Resin, playing bass. They are some Acid Rock type band on the Alias label. He met and even performed w/ Mike Watt, who happens to be one of Rick's musical luminaries.

The petite Liz stayed @ home working on her art. She had 2 of her paintings shown at 2 seperate exhibits, one of which she sold. Among the other artists shown at the same exhibits were Ron Athey, Robt. Williams, R.K.Sloane and Hollywood "starlet/ couch veteran" Angelyne, among other talented industry heavies. Congratulations.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle, songwriting duties have fallen to Ivan 'the body' Ventura who has been undertaking that task. Tongue will have a new album out in early spring on the T.O.N. label. They will be engaged in pre-production and then recording processes throughout February and March, and will play few shows until the product is completed. Tongue will tour the entire nation in April, possibly w/ Agent Orange. Ten + new songs are already finished. Look for the new cd in springtime, and buy the old one first!

enjoy some new pictures

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