ivan's choices
KMFDM This site is done personally by Sascha Konietzko, the leader of KMFDM. No nonsense. Find out what the name stands for, or ask Sascha himself a question. The "Tech Talk" page is excellent.
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Done by Tony James himself. Info about the past & future of SSS, & some good graphics.
the Roofies Yes, the 'Date Rape Drug' has a page dedicated to it! No, but the drug has a band dedicated to it, & my friends Bullseye Binggo & Jackpot Jason are in it!
Broccoli One of the most provocative pages on the web, if you read far enough. Just a crackpot genius with the biting wit & humor of Burroughs, & the style & content of. . . someone else.
Triple XXX Porno Does this one need to be explained? The hottest sluts on the net doing it just for you. Lots of photos and QuickTime movies.
Krakwurx These are my bros. This is their industrial/electronique band. I used to be in it. Lots of cool links from there.
Hep,SloD,BlaH,BleH Afsheen, the Persian Perversion, the Beast from the East. The Man from Iran. He's just a Rockabilly 138 CRACKER! JIHAD! JIHAD! JIHAD JIHAD!!
Trust No One GOD DAMMIT, that is a big, fat fuck!
Al's Bar One of our favourite haunts in Downtown La La land. "I'd like to make a Toast. . ." Dig it!